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The company has a quality inspection center covering an area of 3000 square meters, with drug analysis room, molecular biology research and development room, virus research and development room, bacteria research and development room, cell suspension research and development room, adjuvant research and development room, and more than 80 sets of advanced research and development equipment, such as Tecan microplate, Eppendorf pipette, Eppendorf high-speed centrifuge, Bio rad PCR, electrophoresis instrument, electrophoresis tank, gel imager, Unico spectrophotometer, etc.

Meilan Biotechnology always adheres to the principle that enterprise standards are higher than standards, and its product positioning is high-end. The company strictly controls the quality of its products and strives to produce high-quality seedlings with dedication. Each batch of products undergoes strict quality control. According to relevant product quality standards, control the source and ensure quality.

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